Without our partners, our club "LELO" could not be as successful as we have been over the last few years.
We would like to thank our partners for their continued and valued support.

OÜ Trump Metall - has evolved from the AS Trump company that was founded in 1992. The company that initially did mechanical engineering has gradually become an enterprise that manufactures and installs metal structures for the construction sector.

Tartu Vene Lütseum - municipal School, consisting of a primary school (1-9 classes) and high school (10-12 classes). The school was founded November 19, 1946. The current school building was built in 1969.

Tartu Annelinna Gümnaasium - One of the first Russian-language schools, the curriculum which introduced bilingual, the Estonian-Russian, learning, helping students to successfully adapt to the conditions of life in Estonian society. Foreign languages ​​are studied, starting with the Class 3, which is an essential addition to bilingual education. In 2004. was opened late immersion class. Gymnasium Annelinna began its work in 1964 as an 8-year-old school. Among the other schools in the city of Tartu was very small: 350 students, 17 teachers. School was located in a building on the street O.Lutsa, which have adapted to the needs of the school. In 1983, the team of teachers and students moved into the new building and the school became one of the largest in Estonia. The institution was equipped with modern facilities. In 1997, the school number 13 has been renamed the High School Annelinna. The new name chosen teachers and students, given the fact that many of them live in the neighborhood Annelinn.

Tartu Kivilinna Gümnaasiumi - was opened in 1985 under the name of the Tartu School 16. 580 students started studying in 19 classes, since 2004 the school is located in two buildings. High School students have the largest number of Estonian secondary education institution, including students enrolled 1506 (2007).

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